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Hosting An Event At Your Home & Don't Want To Wreck Your Septic System?

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If you are hosting a large gathering on your residential property, whether for a family reunion or to celebrate a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, have you considered what that could do to your septic system? A large gathering of people could easily cause a lot of stress on your septic system which could potentially cause the system to back up, leaving your guests wanting to leave your event earlier than anticipated. Instead, rent portable toilets for your event.

Here are several things to consider when renting a portable toilet for your event.

Consider Your Guests' Needs

When selecting which portable toilet rental to get for your event, you'll need to consider the needs of your guests, such as if anyone is handicapped and if there will be families with small children or babies in attendance. You'll also need to keep your guests in mind when selecting the location of the portable toilet to ensure it's easily accessible for wheelchairs and strollers. 

Depending on the number of guests, you may want to consider allowing a particular cohort of guests, such as the elderly and potty-training toddlers, to utilize the bathroom in your home while directing everyone else to use the portable toilets. Alternatively, you can rent more than one portable toilet to ensure a better chance of availability when someone needs to use the facility. 

Rent a Handwashing Station

Since you're renting a portable toilet, it's a good idea to also rent a portable handwashing station so your guests can properly cleanse their hands instead of having to rely solely on hand sanitizers. Some portable toilets do have small sinks inside the unit; however, providing a separate handwashing station can eliminate the need for guests to ask to use your bathroom or kitchen sink when they need to wash their hands or rinse something off. Handwashing stations are particularly handy for families with children who can be rather messy. 

Additional Options to Consider

When selecting your portable toilet and handwashing station from the rental company, take a look through what other things they rent to see if anything else could be useful for your event, such as a windscreen or privacy screen. They may also have canopies or tents to place over the area where the portable toilets and handwashing sink will be located, which can be useful if your event will be held rain or shine and there is a chance of inclement weather. 

For more information, contact portable toilet rental services for events you are hosting.