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Planning To Make Your First Move Soon? Use These Tips For A Better Experience

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Planning has always played an important role in a successful moving process. For those with little moving experience beyond moving from their parent's home into a college dorm or first apartment, creating a moving plan can be difficult and full of potential pitfalls. Fortunately, there are a number of tips that can help novice movers make a solid moving plan and enjoy a successful experience. 

Contact the moving company immediately 

If you plan to use a professional moving service, it is critical to contact them immediately as soon as your plan to move is finalized. Moving companies require strict scheduling to ensure that each moving truck or van arrives on schedule. Since many people need to move during time off from work or school, moving company schedules can quickly fill up for these times. Calling the moving company a few months ahead of your expected moving date is the best way to ensure that you will be able to move on the dates you need.  

Pack and stage to make loading and unloading easier

Once you have secured your moving company for the dates you need, you will be ready to begin packing and staging your possessions for the move. A good plan is to always pack and stage boxes so that the most important items, such as those you use frequently, will be packed and loaded onto the truck last. By doing this, these important boxes will also be the first ones removed from the truck when it reaches your new home, ensuring that you immediately have what you need to be comfortable during the unpacking process. 

Label to speed the unpacking process

It is also important that you label each box, crate, or container with enough information to simplify the unpacking process. A good plan when labeling is to include the room where the item will be used in the new house, along with a basic description of the contents. When labeling boxes for a move, it can also be helpful to jot the information on both the top and at least one side of the box to make it easier to identify. 

Move only what you plan to utilize

The weight of the items being transported is a key factor in the total amount the move will cost. Taking time to sort the items in your household before the move will help ensure that you are not paying to move things you no longer want or need.

Creating a good moving plan is easiest when you can rely on the expertise of experienced moving professionals. To learn more, take time to discuss your specific situation with a reputable moving company in your area.