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Three Signs You Should Contact Mold Testing Services

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Molds are fungi that germinate from microscopic spores. Mold can grow on most moist surfaces, including plants, wood, ceilings, walls, and food. Homeowners should always watch out for growing mold because it usually presents various problems. Mold growing on the walls usually compromises a building's structural integrity, thus rendering it uninhabitable. Additionally, mold also increases the chances of people in a home contracting various health and respiratory conditions. Unfortunately, mold can be difficult to identify. Thus, homeowners should hire mold testing services to confirm its presence and manifestation. Moreover, mold testing enables professionals to record the type and severity of the mold spore as the baseline reference. Below are a few signs that you should hire mold testing services:

Increased Incidences of Health Complications

One of the reasons mold testing is important is to prevent an outbreak of mold-related health complications in the house. Molds produce allergens, irritants, and toxic substances that affect people when touched or inhaled. Thus, homeowners should watch out for an outbreak of mold-related health issues such as sinus infections, frequent headaches, unexplained fatigue, wheezing, and a sore throat. Mold growth may also worsen symptoms among people who have asthma. Thus, an outbreak of mold-related health issues should warrant scheduling mold testing services.

Musty Odor

Another way to determine that a home requires mold testing is an emerging musty odor. Wet mold usually produces a strong odor that resembles the smell of rotting or decaying garbage. This pungent smell can make it difficult for people to stay and breathe comfortably in the house. Mold testing services can schedule a visit to assess your home and determine the source of the smell and any other affected areas. Mold testing services allocate professionals to clean your home, restoring its conducive environment. Thus, people who detect a pungent musty odor in their homes should schedule testing services to confirm or nullify mold as the source.

Flooded House

Owners whose homes have recently flooded should consult mold testing services to assess potential mold growth. This is because mold usually grows in a place with moisture build-up. Thus, recently flooded homes create ideal conditions for mold to grow and thrive. Mold testing services have experienced personnel equipped with the proper equipment such as thermal scans and moisture meters to detect mold. Mold removal services use various testing techniques to test for mold. For example, they may use the air sampling technique, which measures airborne mold spores. Another method entails the surface sampling technique that measures abnormal spore activity on moist surfaces. Overall, homeowners should not hesitate to consult mold testing services whenever they suspect the presence of mold.