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6 Signs You Need Security At A Business

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Security services can help businesses reduce losses and address potential liability issues. Business owners often wonder whether paying a security service provider is a worthwhile investment, though. If you're not sure, here are six signs that "yes" could be the answer.


It's tempting to dismiss graffiti as a minor property crime. However, it's also an outward and highly visible signal of a lack of security services on a property. Someone thinking about stealing from a location is likely to notice a place where others are already getting away with offenses. If someone has time to make graffiti, there's a good chance someone more nefarious will have time to do their work, too. Oftentimes, the simple signal that there's security at a site is enough to make would-be criminals look elsewhere.

Distance From Other Properties

Although people often think of security as a fundamentally urban need, it may be even more important the further you get from other properties. The absence of security services and police forces around rural locations often makes them tempting targets. Similarly, criminals can trust there won't be surveillance from nearby buildings, reducing the potential prosecution risks of their activities.

Liability Risks

Some properties have inherent liability risks. For example, many clubs that hold events need security services. If someone is hurt during such an event, a victim may file a personal injury suit based on the theory of negligent security. Having security around makes it easier to assert you were thinking about safety.

Alcohol and Drugs

Notably, the likely presence of alcohol or drugs at any event ups the liability factor. Between drunken behavior and fights, it's best to have security present if you expect to have controlled substances and any number of people at a property.

Businesses near alcohol-serving establishments may want to consider security services, too. If you have a convenience store near a college bar, for example, it may be wise to beef up security on weekends.

Property Losses

Virtually any person who comes onto a business property has the potential to cause losses. People may damage property as an act of vandalism. Retail businesses can see losses due to theft. Even a warehouse may notice inventory losses driven by employees, shippers, or daily visitors.

Occasional Emergencies

While individuals rightly focus on criminality as a reason to pay for security services, there's a strong argument for them to address emergencies, too. A trained professional can stabilize a situation while first responders are on the way. Contact a security service to learn more.