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3 Benefits of Having a Private Well

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Many people get their water from a municipal water source. However, millions of individuals also get their water from a private well. Many people install private wells when the municipal services don't reach their properties. However, you can install a well and decline municipal services as well. Many benefits come with having a private well created by water well drilling.

Benefit #1: Better Tasting Water

One of the biggest benefits of having a private well is that you will enjoy the water with a better taste. Well water comes from deep in the ground, where it has gone through a natural filtration process that involves mineral deposits and rocks that clean the water. This creates water with a clean and pure taste.

On the other hand, municipal water is treated with a variety of chemicals and salts to get rid of impurities and bacteria in the water source. This leaves it with a chemical taste and smell to it, as man-made treatment methods directly impact the taste and smell of the water.

Benefit #2: Monthly Fees Eliminated

When you are connected to a municipal water source, you will have to pay monthly fees. Depending on the rates where you live, you can easily spend over a thousand dollars a year on the water. Each year you depend on the municipal water source, the more those costs increase and add up.

When you drill a well, you only have to pay for the well drilling once. It is a one-time upfront investment. From there, you will only have to pay for annual testing and maybe a little maintenance every few years. After the large upfront costs, the costs will be minimal to keep it going.

Benefit #3: Increased Reliability

Municipal water is often not that reliable. The water has to pass through a vast infrastructure, which is aging and deteriorating in many cities. This can lead to quality issues that may cause you to drink your water from a bottled source. You also have to be aware of potential contamination from a chemical spill or pipe breaking that can lead to a water boiling advisory.

When you have your own well, you don't have to worry about all that. The water will go directly from the well to your home and not pass through miles of infrastructure to reach you. You will have a steady and dependable source of fresh and clean water.

Installing a well on your property makes a lot of sense. It will provide you with a steady source of clean water that you can rely on. If you want to switch to well water, talk to a well drilling company today about the prospect of adding a well to your property and making it your primary drinking source.