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Dealing With A Generator That Is Not Running Correctly

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If you use a generator to provide power or as a backup in the event of a power failure, you need to be sure that it will work. Starting the generator and running it for a few minutes is an excellent way to determine if it is working, and if there is an issue, it can alert you that you need to call a generator repair service to look at it.

Generator Services

If you need a generator repair service to work on your generator, you need to find someone with the right skills for the unit you are running. Gasoline, diesel, and propane generators all produce electricity, but the power plant used to run the generator is different and requires a tech that understands them. 

Most commercial generator repair services work will all these generator types, but it is essential to let the service know what you have before they arrive so they can bring the right tools and parts for the job. Some common issues can depend on the type of generator you are using, so having that information in advance will make it easier for the tech to prepare for the job. 

Engine Issues

A generator with a gas or diesel engine that is not starting could be related to the battery used to start the engine or a fuel issue. In the case of an engine that will not start on your generator, the tech will treat the engine as a separate repair. 

The tech will have to diagnose the engine problem then make the required repairs to get the generator working again. There are many reasons for the engine not to run, but checking the fuel supply and its spark are priorities. Once the engine is running correctly, the tech will check to ensure that it is producing electricity from the generator. 

Generator Issues

If the engine is running, but the generator is not producing electricity, the technician from the generator repair service will need to open up the case and take a look at the internal parts. The brushes, voltage regulator, and some other parts that are key to electricity production are the first things checked, and the tech can start to look at smaller items to determine where the problem is.

For older generators, finding the parts to keep them running can be difficult, so if there is a significant issue inside the generator, you may need to consider replacing it with a newer one. If you are going to replace the generator, you may want to consider a propane unit that burns clean and runs efficiently. For more information, contact a company like American Tool and Fastener.