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3 Must-Have Features In A Storm Shelter

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It's impossible to predict when Mother Nature will usher in a destructive storm. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe thunderstorms all have the potential to turn deadly if you don't protect your family against the elements.

A storm shelter can be a life-saving structure that gives your family protection from deadly storms.

Look for these three features as you invest in a storm shelter so that you can rest assured knowing your shelter can stand up to anything Mother Nature has in store.

1. Easy Access

Storm shelters can be found in both aboveground and belowground designs. Both designs can offer the protection that your family needs during a storm, as long as they are designed properly. The right storm shelter for your family is the one that offers easy access.

It can be difficult for the elderly to get in and out of a belowground shelter, so an aboveground unit is a better option for multi-generational households.

Have each family member test a storm shelter on the showroom floor so that you can purchase the unit that each person can access with ease.

2. Adequate Size

Determining what size of storm shelter your family needs can be challenging. You must take several factors into consideration before settling on a size for your shelter.

You should start by considering the types of storms you are susceptible to in your area. Tornadoes tend to pass by quickly, while hurricanes can last for several days. The longer you expect to stay in your storm shelter, the larger the shelter should be to provide maximum comfort.

You will also need to factor in whether your family members will be sitting, standing, or lying down in the storm shelter so that you can invest in a unit with adequate space.

3. Proper Certifications

It's critical that you invest only in a storm shelter with the proper certifications. Many people produce storm shelters that don't undergo any testing. An untested storm shelter may not be able to stand up to the high winds and heavy rains your family will experience during a major storm.

Only invest in a storm shelter that has been tested by The National Storm Shelter Association, This will ensure that you have a shelter capable of protecting your family against a direct hit from an EF-5 tornado or the extreme precipitation that accompanies most hurricanes.

Ask to see proof of a storm shelter's certifications before you agree to buy the shelter and install it near your home.

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