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Providing Portable Toilet Facilities For Your Guests

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Proving toilet facilities can be a logistical challenge for any event with a large number of people. Depending on the venue and the location, choosing a portable restroom rental service might be the best or even the only option for ensuring that these facilities are made available.

Is It Possible To Choose Something Other Than A Basic Portable Toilet?

Basic portable toilets are often the most commonly used type of toilet for construction and other commercial tasks. However, if you are needing to providing these facilities for guests attending an event, you may want to choose something more luxurious and functional. Portable restrooms are an effective option for these individuals. These restrooms will provide a broader range of comforts that can range from running water and mirrors to air conditioning.

Will A Portable Restroom Need To Be Connected To A Water Source?

For a portable restroom that is designed to provide running water, it will ideally be connected to a water line as this will provide it with an endless supply of water that it can use. However, this is not always possible, and if there is not a suitable water connection, you may be able to use a water storage tank to provide enough moisture to the unit. While using portable water tanks can meet this need, it will increase the amount of space that is needed for the portable restroom facilities.

Do Long-Term Portable Restroom Rentals Require More Maintenance On Your Part?

It is most common for individuals to only need to use a portable restroom for a couple of days. However, there are instances where the portable restroom facilities will be needed for a much longer period, such as weeks. During this longer rental period, the toilets will eventually need to be emptied and restocked. In fact, this may need to be done every few days to keep them sanitary and functional. Luckily, this will require very little work on your part as the service that provides the portable toilet rentals will be able to empty the storage tank on the portable restroom, while also resupplying it with basic supplies, such as toilet paper and soap. While these services will be able to empty the tank and resupply the toilet, you will still be responsible for keeping it clean and well-maintained. As a result, all of these facilities should be regularly inspected and cleaned to avoid creating an unsanitary and uncomfortable environment for those using these restroom facilities.

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