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Renting A Self Storage Unit: Tips For Homeowners

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As a homeowner, you have a lot of issues to deal with, one of which is finding sufficient storage space for all of your belongings. It seems like there is just never enough room for all your items no matter how hard you try to jam your stuff into any extra space you can find. A good solution to this problem is to rent a unit at a self storage facility. The following article offers some key tips concerning this topic.


Naturally, one of your main concerns will be whether your items are going to be safe while they are in storage. Talk with the manager of the various facilities you are considering and ask them about their security procedures. Do they have a security camera on the grounds that will be able to see if any intruders attempt to break into the units? If they do have these cameras in place, are the cameras monitored 24 hours a day? What types of locks are on the units? Also, ask if there is someone on site at all times who can call for help in case of an emergency.

Climate Control

Depending on the weather conditions where you live, you may want to rent a unit that is climate controlled. These units are kept at temperatures within a certain range so that any items in the unit will not be harmed by excessively hot or cold temperatures or high humidity. In many instances, a regular storage unit will be just fine, but if you have items that are temperature sensitive, such as delicate fabrics or some types of electronics, renting a climate controlled space is something you should investigate.

Packing and Storing

Place your items in cardboard boxes when it's practical, and always label the boxes. You don't want to frantically search for an item later because you did not bother to label the boxes. Place the heavier boxes on the floor of the unit and set the light boxes on top of them. Put bulky items that you cannot fit into a box at the back of the unit. Always leave a path to the back of the unit so that you do not have to move numerous boxes out of your way to get to the items at the back later on.


One important point to remember is to make certain that your belongs are covered by insurance while they are in storage. Check your homeowners policy to see if they cover items kept in storage. If not, you will need to buy coverage privately or from the self-storage facility itself.