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Three Reasons That A Staffing Agency Should Provide Training To Those It Represents

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A good staffing agency will do more for you than just find you a contract. It should also assess your resume, determine where any weaknesses may be, and then provide you with whatever training you need to succeed. Not every staffing agency goes to this effort, but those that do can often stand out among their peers — and that's beneficial not only for the health of the agency, but also for the people that the agency represents. If you manage a staffing agency and are looking to raise its profile and reputation, consider providing training to your job hunters. Here are three reasons that doing so is a good investment.

Contact Workers Can Get Working Faster

One of the things that companies sometimes don't like about hiring contract workers is the need to train someone. A company might hire someone for a six-month contract, for example, but spend a week or two — which is a significant percentage of the person's total time with the company — training the individual. When your staffing agency offers training and makes this fact widely known, companies will be keener to obtain contract workers from you. They know that their contract workers can get down to business right away, rather than need to be trained.

You May Save Money For The Companies

Not every company handles the training for its staff in-house. For some companies, it's commonplace to send new employees, including those who are hired on contract, to different training academies to get them up to speed. There's an associated cost with this step, which is something that companies frequently have to absorb but may not be happy about doing so. Your ability to train the workers you represent means that companies will be saving this initial cost — something that is important, regardless of the company's industry.

More Job Hunters Will Seek You Out

A staffing agency may be eager to keep the companies with which it works happy, but it should also be mindful of having a good relationship with the employees that it represents. When word gets out in the job-hunting community that you provide training for your people, you're apt to have more prospective employees apply for representation from you. The more people who apply, the more you'll be able to evaluate their resumes and find the best candidates. This, in turn, allows you to pair these competent candidates with different companies, thus further building your relationship with the companies.

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