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Moved In A House That Uses Propane For Heat? 3 Things To Know

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If you just moved into a house that uses propane for heat, you need to understand how to stay safe around propane, how to take care of your tank, and how to afford the fuel you need to stay warm.

Staying Safe Around Propane

When you use gas to heat up your home, you should always have carbon monoxide alarms in your home. These alarms will alert you if gas starts to leak into your home. It is vitally important to know when gas is leaking into your home, because you may not be able to smell it and react quickly enough on your own. When too much gas builds up in your home it can create a combustible environment and can even create a fatal environment as well.

If there are alarms in the home already, press the test button on them to make sure that they are still active. If the test button doesn't work, change out the batteries. Make sure to always keep extra batteries on hand for your carbon monoxide alarms.

Outside, near your propane tank, you should never start a fire or use anything combustible. If the gas were to leak out of the tank for any reason, you could have a big and dangerous explosion on your hands.

Take Care of Your Tank

You want to create a safe environment around your tank. Many people put up fences around their tank to make sure that children and animals stay away from the propane tank. Putting up a fence around your propane tank is a good safety measure.

You should not move your propane tank on your own. If you want to move your propane tank, have a propane fuel supply company help you with the relocation process. They know how to take the proper safety precautions to ensure that no one ends up hurt in the moving process.

You can also paint your tank if it is not looking that good. Any paint you use has to be heat-reflective. If you rent your fuel tank, all painting requests will need to go through the company that owns your fuel tank.

Affording Your Fuel

You are going to use more fuel in the winter time than you are in the spring and summer time for heating. This can result in much higher energy costs during the winter months. Most fuel companies will allow you to enroll in their smart pay program that allows you to split your payments out evenly throughout the year. This will give you an affordable and consistently priced bill to pay all year to ensure that you have the money to keep warm.

If you just moved into a home that uses propane fuel for heating, make sure that you stay safe around your propane tank and set up payment plan that splits up your fuel costs throughout the year so you don't have a big bill in the winter.