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4 Tips For Choosing Office Furniture That Grows With Your Startup

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Startups need the same basic office furniture as any other kind of company, but investing in the right equipment can be tricky because successful startups tend to grow explosively when it comes to the number of employees. If you're concerned about spending money on furniture that may not fit your needs in a few weeks or months, here are four tips to help you choose office furniture that can expand at the same speed as your workforce.

Modular Workstations

Start by investing in desks and cubicles you can easily adjust to fit more people in a hurry. For example, sliding partitions allow you to turn a single large desk into two or three separate work areas without having to buy anything new. Low cost modular furniture will wear out quickly when you're changing the arrangement of the parts regularly, so invest in good quality equipment if you're choosing the modular route.

Open Tables

If you're on the cutting edge of workplace design like most startups aspire to be, you should embrace the open layout trend and invest in long tables and chairs instead of individual cubicles and sectioned work spaces. Not only are these open floor plans attractive to prospective employees who value forward thinking, they're also far easier to rearrange to accommodate newcomers. Long tables and comfortable chairs are also easier to mix and match, allowing you to buy the most affordable new equipment instead of having to get the same units you already have to maintain a matching decor scheme. Open layouts can handle the eclectic look of mismatched office furniture without looking piecemeal.

Adjustable Equipment

Aside from investing in workstations or tables you can move around as you please, consider the other types of adjustment your new employees would appreciate. When choosing seating in particular, make sure that as many parts as possible on each chair can be adjusted. With dials and hydraulic pumps to change the dimensions of the seat height, arm height, and other essential factors, every employee can find the perfect fit instead of having to give up on ergonomics. This is essential during periods of rapid growth or when you're using open office layouts since a person might be using a different chair each day.

Valuable Brands

Finally, consider buying the best brands you can afford so that you can resell equipment as you outgrow it. Being able to sell your furnishings for a substantial portion of their original value helps you invest in more equipment when there's an immediate need for more chairs and desks. Of course, you'll still need to keep the equipment in good shape while you're waiting for your explosive growth period to start.