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How To Safely Move In The Winter

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If you are planning to move to a new home in the winter, there are some things you need to think about. You will be more pressed for time and should think about the possibility of your original plan falling through. Here are some vital tips for having a safe move during harsh, cold weather conditions.

Make Sure All Pathways Are Clear

One of the biggest dangers associated with moving in the winter is that the ground might be covered in snow or ice. When you are just walking on an icy driveway, it might not be too difficult to walk slow and steady, but it is completely different when you are carrying a heavy couch or moving boxes back and forth to the moving truck. For a few days leading up to moving day, take some precautions by sprinkling salt, sand, or cat litter on walkways and the driveway. This will hopefully reduce ice buildup on the driveway. During the early morning on moving day, check all walkways and sidewalks to make sure there isn't snow that is going to be in the way. You should also be doing this in your new home if it is local. If not, you may need to hire a snow removal company to move all snow from the driveway and walkways of the new home to be ready when you get there.

Keep Pets Somewhere Else

When you are moving, the doors are likely going to be kept open while moving boxes and furniture to the truck. During this time, it can be hard to keep your pets safely inside where it is warm. The best thing you can do is keep your pets somewhere else during the move, such as at a family member's house or a local boarding facility. That way, they are safe and protected, and won't be tempted to run around in the cold weather where they could get seriously ill. It also prevents you from getting stressed about keeping them warm and safe while trying to handle a big move.

Prepare For Last-Minute Changes

Moving day doesn't always go how you planned, especially in the winter. There might be a big storm that comes in or a major accident on the freeway that keeps your friends from helping or might even delay the move. Make sure you have planned for all last-minute changes that might come up. Know whether or not the moving truck you rent can be rented the following day if you need a last-minute change. Ask multiple friends and relatives that live in different areas of town if they can help, that way if one of them is stuck due to an accident, other friends can still arrive and help with the move.

Rent a Moving Truck

Even if you have a truck of your own, this is inconvenient to use during the winter. First of all, it will probably require multiple trips, which can be hard to do if it is freezing cold, raining, or snowing on moving day. Using a regular pickup truck also means your belongings are exposed to the elements. It is a much better idea to rent a moving truck where there is more space for all your furniture and boxes, and they are kept protected. Visit if you're looking for a truck rental.