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5 Tips For A Wedding Tattoo

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You don't get married thinking that it'll just be temporary, and you don't get tattoos with that idea either. However, sometimes things don't work out, which is what makes the idea of a wedding (or anniversary) tattoo so problematic. Since the trend toward wedding tattoos in rising, here's a few tips to follow when selecting that tattoo that will keep you from regretting it later.

1.) Pick something that has a complete meaning, even when the other person isn't with you.

Always keep in mind how the ink is going to look when your spouse isn't with you. If you think getting the word "SOULMATE" tattooed on your entwined fingers is a good idea, remember that you're going to spend a good chunk of time walking around with either "SUMT" or "OLAE" on your hand, with no visible explanation. It can get pretty frustrating to have to explain.

Instead, you can split the word into "SOUL" and "MATE" and place them so that they line up together on your wrists when you hold hands. Consider using song lyrics that can be split up, or quotes. Or get identical tattoos in the same place, in mirror image or reversed coloring. That way you'll always be looking at a complete piece - one that just happens to take on additional meaning when your true love is around.

2.) Pick something that you'll like through all the ages and stages of your life.

The cute Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man tattoos are great when you're 20, but how are you going to feel about them when you're 40? What about when you're vying for that new corporate position? While tattoos are more and more common, sometimes it's best to go with something understated and elegant, especially if they're visible.

3.) Pick something that you both love - or pick something totally different and tie it together.

If you don't absolutely love the tattoo today, you are probably going to hate it ten years from now. If you and your spouse have different tastes, there's nothing wrong with admitting that you can't agree on a piece of ink that's going to be on your body forever. Get different tattoos and tie them together by incorporating the date of your union in the designs.

4.) Don't tattoo a name - no matter how tempting.

One of the top reasons that people regret their tattoos is that there's a name in them. Again, you hope and believe that your love will endure forever, but what if it doesn't? Even famous celebrities have been faced with the annoying (or embarrassing) issue of what to do about a tattoo that has an ex's name in it.

One of the biggest problems about having an ex's name permanently embellished on your body is that the next person that you're involved with may feel a bit threatened or jealous by it. After all, you loved the other person enough to get his or her name inked into your skin, right? That can make anything less than a repeat gesture with your next love seem insincere and half-hearted.

5.) Approach it with the right attitude.

In the end, the best thing to do is to approach a wedding tattoo with the right attitude: assume that your love is forever. If fates intervene and it isn't, your tattoo will serve as a reminder of that period of time in your life with all the good and bad together. Your ink is part of the story of your life. If you view it that way, you'll never regret your choice (unless maybe you're looking at "SUMT" or "OLAE" on your knuckles). Talk to people like American Tattoo Studio for more information.