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Your Guide To The Proper Care And Storage Of Business Banners

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On your storefront, you may occasionally hang vinyl banners with wording like "Annual Clearance Sale" or "Back-To-School Deals." These banners are effective advertising methods to get people to see what you have to offer during specific times of the year. But how you care for these banners during the times you aren't using them is just as important as how you hang them. Properly caring for and storing your banners can help them look more professional and last longer. Read on for some great tips to keep your banners in tip-top shape when they aren't in use.

Keep It Clean

Before you store your banner, you need to clean it. Use a lint-free cloth and some water. Rub the cloth in small circles to help remove the dirt. If your banner is pretty filthy and plain water isn't doing the trick, you can use a small bit of rubbing alcohol on the cloth. However, before you tackle the entire banner, test the rubbing alcohol in a small corner to make sure it doesn't ruin the ink on your banner.

Also, despite the fact that banners are generally weather resistant, do not store your banner wet. They can begin to smell like mildew if you do, and the ink can break down. Instead, lay it out inside to dry before you put it away in storage.

Know What You've Got

Before you can store your banner, you need to know what kind of vinyl banner you have. Is it printed or is it a vinyl-decal banner? Here's how to tell:

  • Vinyl-decal- Take your finger and run it along the edges of the wording and any art on the banner. Is it raised up slightly, much like a sticker would be on paper? If so, you have a vinyl-decal banner. 
  • Printed- A printed banner is more common than a vinyl-decal banner. It's totally flat, with no raised edges around the art or the lettering.

Roll It and Store It

If you have a vinyl-decal banner, roll it with the lettering facing outward. This helps to keep the stickers from peeling. If you have a printed banner, roll it up with the wording inside to prevent the ink from being scratched. Do not fold banners, as that will create creases and wrinkles in them.

Once your banner is rolled, you need a large tube to store it in. Do not roll banners together because the grommets from one banner can scratch another. One banner per tube is ideal. You can either use a postal tube or, for larger banners, you should be able to purchase bigger tubes at an art supply store. Once you've got your banner properly rolled and in a tube, store it upright to prevent accidental creasing. It's also best to store the banner in a steady, room temperature area to help the ink last longer.

Mark It

If you utilize several banners in a year, you're going to want to clearly mark which banner is in which tube. It's not easy to tell which banner you are looking at when peeking into a tube. To avoid unrolling several wrong banners before you find the right one, clearly mark the outside of your tubes.

A nice banner, like one from Signarama, can be a boon to your business. However, you have to take proper care of it when you aren't using it. Follow these easy steps and your banners should last you a long time.