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The Best Way To Store Your Items In A Storage Unit

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If you are in the process of moving and need to store some items while you are waiting to move your items to your new home, you will most likely have a lot to fit inside the unit. The items are probably all sizes, including large furniture. Planning how to fit everything inside ahead of time can save you headaches later. Here are some tips on the best way to fill up your storage unit through a company like Sentry Mini-Storage Inc so that it will be easily accessible.

Leave Some Room

It is a great idea to leave room along the back wall of your storage unit. You have two ways that would work where you would have easy accessibility to the back of the unit. You can do one of the following:

  • Leave the entire wall open without anything leaning on it at all. Leave a foot or two of space so that you can walk along the entire back of your unit without tripping over anything.
  • Use plastic storage tubs that hold smaller items to stack along the back of your unit. Stack them three or four high and line them up along the entire wall. Then leave a foot or two of space in front of the tubs before adding more items.

Large and Long Items

Use the sides of your storage unit to lean furniture against. Longer items such as mattresses and couches can be stored in a vertical position so that the height of the storage unit is used and so that the floor space will be saved for other items. Use the sides for dressers, your refrigerator, any large appliances, and other furniture.


You will want to take special care of your delicate items. Wrap glass and china inside bubble wrap or material such as towels. You can put these items inside of drawers to keep them out of the way. When placing boxes in your unit, make sure the delicate items are placed together and that the boxes are labeled as fragile. Never stack these boxes on the bottom layer.

Using Drawers

Utilize all drawers and shelves to fit other items. Fill your refrigerator and washing machine with smaller items. You can use drawers to store anything that has not been placed in a box or plastic tub. There are always last-minute items that get left out of the boxing up process that will need to be stored.


Label all your boxes and plastic storage tubs so that when you unpack at your new home you will save time. Label with both the contents and what room the items are intended to be moved into.