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3 Ways To Impress A Potential Client

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If you have an important meeting scheduled with a potential client, you may want to take a few extra steps to impress him or her enough to land the deal. As the date of this meeting draws closer, you may need to get to work to plan how you will handle this person's arrival and here are three ideas that you may want to consider using.

Have a Ride Waiting

When your potential client arrives at the airport, don't make him or her wait. Hire an airport taxi to be there waiting for him, and you should be there too. To do this, you must find out the plane arrival time, flight number, and airline he or she is using for the flight.

As soon as he or she gets off the plane, you can be there waiting on him or her, and this will show that you respect this person. You can schedule airport taxis at any time of day or night, but just make sure you are there in time. You won't want your potential client to have to wait for you. For more information see

Go To an Impressive Restaurant

Before you select your favorite restaurant, try to find out what his or her favorite food is. You may be able to find this out by calling the secretary of the company he or she works for. Once you find out the client's favorite food, make reservations for the best restaurant in town that offers this particular type of food.

While you are on the phone with the secretary, you may also want to ask what the person's drinking preferences are. It would not look impressive to the client if you ordered beer at lunch if he or she is totally against drinking alcohol.

On the other hand, if the secretary tells you that this person loves a particular type of wine, you could call the restaurant in advance to make sure that they can provide this type of wine at your meal.

Provide a Solution To The Problem

Finally, if you are trying to land a huge deal with this potential client, you should be prepared to explain confidently why your company has the solution this person needs. Prominent business men and women do not have time to waste; they want answers and solutions.

If you can provide a compelling case to the person, he or she might agree to it and sign the contract right then and there.

Thinking about this upcoming meeting might make you nervous, but with the proper preparation, you might be able to impress the client enough to get the deal to go through. You may want to begin preparing by calling the secretary to find out the flight information, and you can complete these three steps shortly after.