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Choosing The Right Printing Company For Your Business Needs

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If your business is expanding by leaps and bounds, chances are your printing and advertising needs are too. Because of this, your inkjet or office laser printer may not be able to keep up with the demands of printing off large projects. You will have to outsource your large publishing jobs to a local printing company. Not all printing companies are the same. Based on your company's needs, you may have specific requirements in order to get quality results and to meet deadlines. Here are a few ways to choose the right printing company for you.

Offset Printing

If you're looking for a printing company that can meet the demands of your specific project, one that specializes in offset printing is recommended. This is a traditional style of printing and can accommodate various graphics and images while generating clear and concise print. Offset printing is created using a web or sheet-fed offset printing press.

Web-fed printing involves a process that uses one long, continuous sheet of paper. The finished print is then cut by a professional cutting machine to the exact specifications of the operator. This is commonly used for larger newspapers or newsletters.

A sheet-fed printing press uses single fed sheets of paper to complete each printing job. This allows you to customize your project by utilizing different inks and sheet colors. This method of color-printing is used for brochures, flyers and other forms of ad copy.

Graphic Design Services

Selecting a printer who also offers graphic design or other custom printing services can help give you an edge on new advertising and style options. Many printers either have an in-house graphic designer or they outsource to a qualified professional. If you need ideas on where to take your next marketing campaign or you would like feedback on a new logo idea—ask about this service. The company will take all of your information and provide you with different package options that are in your price range and budget.

Bulk Savings Options

For many print service companies, the more you use them the better cost savings you will receive. This may be especially true when you are ready to place a bulk order. Try to combine your job requests if you wish to see the biggest cost savings with your overall invoice. Ask about any added products or services such as business cards, website design, manuals and books. The bigger your order, the bigger the bottom line discount.

Printing companies are often a full-service product and service store. Asking about what they can do for you will help build your business as well as theirs.