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7 Fun Ideas For Your Wedding Reception

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You have spent countless hours planning your wedding day, trying to make sure it will be absolutely perfect. All that planning and stress pays off in the end with the most special day you will ever have. After the wedding is over though, it's time to cut loose and have a great time with your guests at your wedding reception. Here are a few tips for a fun wedding reception that will keep your guests talking for years.

1. Add A Song Request Line On Your R.S.V.P. Cards

Your guests can R.S.V.P. for your day and pick one song that they want to have played at your wedding reception. Give the list to your D.J. prior to the reception and you'll have a nice compiled list for the big day. Your guests will be happy to hear their requested songs.

2. Don't Walk. Run, Skip Or Dance Instead

Don't just walk into your reception hall when being announced for the first time as husband and wife. Give your guests an exciting entrance instead. Run, skip or dance into the room. Do something exciting to give your reception a fun vibe right from the beginning.

3. Serve Drinks With Advice Coasters

Your guests can give you their marriage advice on the coasters and place them in a basket when they're done with them. Read through them later to see what advice you've been given.

4. Hire A Food Truck

Hire a food truck to arrive later in the evening to provide a late night snack for your guests. Don't have food trucks in your area? See if your caterer or reception venue offers a late night snack option. Your guests can get hungry again after all that dancing and they'll appreciate the snack.

5. Have A Candy Bar

Rather than party favors, have a candy bar instead, where guests can fill up bags with their favorite types of candy. Use different sized glass jars and fill them with different types of colorful candies. 

6. Have A Photo Gallery

Display old photos of yourselves in a fun way. Use old windows or vintage frames to display the photos to give your guests something to talk about. 

7. Use Photo Props

Rather than a photo booth, give your guests a fun backdrop, some props like mustaches and hats, and a dry erase board to leave messages for the bride and groom. Your photographer or your guests can take the photos and arrange them later for a fun guest book idea.

 To make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, contact your banquet hall, such as Royal Cliff Banquet & Conference Center, as early as possible and keep them in the loop with your plans. You've done a lot of planning for your big day. Have a great time at your reception and enjoy every single minute of it.